Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You are Entitled to Nothing

Let me just make this clear ... I am not pointing at all black people in the country, I am informed enough to know that millions of black South Africans are working hard to make a better life for them and their children and I salute you ... this article is specifically pointed at those black racists that reveal their substandard intellect in the uninformed and purely racist posts they make.
After spending another day reading so many posts by racist black uninformed keyboard warriors ... I feel it is time to say something to them.

You should spend your data on getting yourself better informed instead of surfing Facebook and making idiotic posts.

You may feel strong and powerful when you type your hatred for whites and make threats of how you will kill us all ... but the truth is, you are an uninformed black racist that is worthless to the country.
If you are a civil servant, you are a leech that sucks up tax payers money to finance your lifestyle ... you are a consumer of wealth and not a creator of wealth. You and your fancy clothes mean nothing to the country.

That poor guy in the rural area that sits next to the road, selling wooden ornaments, or the lady selling clay pots is worth more to the country than what you will ever be ... why ... because they create wealth where you, you are a scavenger that eats the taxes that hard working people pay.
And then you turn your uninformed mind to economics and screams that you want the white businesses that is making a profit and is listed on the JSE.

Your uninformed racist mind sees the profits the company makes and you scream .... I WANT THAT ... what your uninformed racist mind do not see is the millions of jobs created and financed by that company ... millions of people that have food on their tables because of that company. No, your tiny black racist mind do not see that ... why ... because you have never worked for yourself and created wealth ... you just suck it up.

Use your data and go and get yourself informed on how many millions of jobs have already been lost because of your racist militant attitude towards business ... but I am afraid your little racist brain cannot do the maths ... why ... because while you are screaming and destroying in the streets, thousands of serious students are getting themselves educated and prepared for the challenges of the modern economy. They will be equipped to meet the demands of industry and you ... you will then one day wake up and realise ... while you were wasting your time many of your countrymen actually advanced beyond your racist little island and you are still nothing.

You scream that the whites have the majority of the JSE under their control ... what your tiny black racist intellect should actually be asking is ... WHERE ARE THE BLACK CAPITALISTS ... you blacks have the advantage of living in a society where black privilege and black entitlement is protected by law .... and yet ... most of you FAIL ... why ... Because education, work ethic and commitment cannot be redistributed.

You black racists need to wake up ... you scream Kill the Whites but your tiny black racist minds do not see that there are almost twice as much illegal immigrants in this country, than whites, protected by your black government and they suck the social services dry without ever paying a single rand of tax. In your communities they own all the small businesses and they run gangs that murder and kill your own people ... but yet ... your racist little black brain screams ... KILL THE WHITES.
I don't hate you ... because generations of hard working ancestors has taught me that hate is a wasted emotion and that I must instead of hating .... focus on working for a better life for my children.
Yes I don't hate you, I also don't want to kill you ... why ... because you and your illegal immigrant neighbors are killing yourselves.

I do feel sorry for you ... why, because the current economic climate and the drought and the wholesale corruption in government is going to make 2016 a very nasty year for consumers. You black racists will not have food on your table, you will not be able to afford it, food prices is going to eat up your income and you will have nothing left to pay for your civil servant salary lifestyle.
Your government has plunged our country into a debt pool that your racist black brain can not understand because you are uninformed. This ANC has driven our once wealthy economy to the brink of bankruptcy ... the day is coming fast that they will fail to pay the International Debt, fail to pay civil servant salaries, fail to pay social grants ... why ... because your racist and militant attitude towards businessmen is destroying the wealth creation machinery of the country and with that goes the tax revenue.

Now your racist mind may ask ... What happens when the state goes bankrupt ... well, use your data and go and look it up. When the IMF steps in to bail a country out ... the first thing they do is close the taps on expenses ... Social Grants, Civil Servants and restrictive laws that prevents economical growth. Now I am sure your little uninformed mind can see what that will mean ... apart from a huge slash in the number of civil servants, all your BEE and Affirmative Action Laws will be out of the window. If you don't believe me ... go ask the Greeks.

This is when your racist uninformed lifestyle is going to crash because suddenly you will no longer have the protection of the ANC and your neighbor that actually have the qualifications will get the job that you have, only because you got your job because you are connected.
I hope this makes you think because 2016 is going to be hell economically, Zuma has trashed our money, the ANC has trashed our economy and you ... you racist black keyboard warrior, you have trashed the future of your children.

Lastly ... do not think for one moment that when you come to kill me that it will be a one sided affair ... I will not allow you to have it all your way, I will fight and I know that many of my workers and many of your neighbors will fight with me because you are the evil scourge that only understands violence and you are the enemy of every decent person living in this country ... and trust me ... you will loose this war that you are calling for.

Now I am done ... and if any of my friends are disturbed by what I have posted here, feel free to use the UNFRIEND option, you are not bound to me by glue or chains.

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