Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Don't Disturb Me When I'm Playing The Race Card

Don't Disturb Me When I'm Playing The Race Card!

Lo and Behold! It is now finally CLEAR to South Africa and the rest of the World that Racism is just a term that vain Race Gluttons like Ashwin Willemse, Weak Musi Maimane, and the most vile, hateful Black to enter SA politics (Used Greasy Lollipop Head-Julius Malema ) love to throw away whenever they are caught being Stupid.

Image may contain: 1 person, sittingA quality (being Stupid) that all three boys (ok they're grown men) share and advance with irreplaceable fervor. To the Peril, of course, of Ignorant, Delusional, Misguided and Extremely Racist SA Blacks (especially those with university degrees and government jobs) who are not only incapable of asking real questions when faced with alarming information.

Like the Mental Lepers which they truly are, these Black Race Gluttons cannot even Think on their own. Hence Racism is the only subject that stimulates them intellectually. Simply because it caters to their inherent inability to do anything worthwhile with their lives other than being Proud Victims of Colonialism and Apartheid which they have never endured.

For Race Gluttony reassures them that they are not the Intellectual Zombies they truly are. Which is a Shame indeed.

Yesterday, (Tuesday) SuperSport CEO, Gideon Khobane, announced that their findings have indicated that there was no racism involved in Ashwin Willemse walking out from an live broadcast.

Addressing the media, Khobane said:

“The conduct between Naas and Nick during the off-air conversation with Ashwin and during the live studio broadcast of the post-match commentary of the match does not manifest naked racism and was not motivated by racist considerations.”

Willemse walked off a live broadcast last month after the Lions’ 42-24 win over the Brumbies, whining like a baby devoid of bread milk, that he would not be patronised. And therefore, couldn’t work with Nick Mallett and Naas Botha who played rugby during the Apartheid segregated era.

Khobane added that Willemse did not participate in the inquiry.

“Ashwin Willemse regrettably decided not to participate in the review even though all parties involved were advised of the process before it started and raised no objections at the time.”

Why would he, when he himself knew that HE was WRONG (if not DUMB) and that the White men he accused of being Racists who benefitted from Apartheid were RIGHT?

Why would he want to prove them RIGHT AGAIN and AGAIN prove to the Word that he is just another Dumb Quota Player who thought that by zealously licking the ANC's Racist Behind. He would not emerge as the Biggest Ass (Donkey) to be Quota'd?

One can only Hope that we, SA Blacks who vigilantly see through the Bullshit [sic] would permanently rise and not be afraid.

For if the South African Black community Could be truly Liberated and Healed from our own self - inflicted Mental/Intellectual Leprosy (thanks to our relentless support for the ANC - The Modern Day Nongqawuse). A Prosperous South Africa would cease to be the distant dream that not even the deepest Political Slumber (24 years old sleep) can never us transport to.

Rise Now!

O! You Fragile Black and Apply Your Mind! No Amount of Race Cards will Save you now!


Peace, Unity and more Love!

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All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I am a Black South African citizen

I am a Black South African citizen ...✋

~ I am Going To Speak ~ Independently; I am Going to Write Freely and Democratically ! ! !

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, tree, sky, child, grass, outdoor and natureThis is just a word of advice to the African National Congress government: You, as government, you are going to cause the most unbelievably "constitutional debacle" in the history of all democratic states.

You see? Your products? the "30% pass rate Matriculants" really believe you and every word you are saying... that:

~ "their land was stolen by all white people living today" ~

Fact and Truth..The Union of South Africa 1902

The British, after defeating the Boer Republics, subequently declared most Southern African lands as colonies of Great Britain; from what is now Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho opted to go the route of "protectorate states" of Great Britain.... sort of like the homeland bantustans under Apartheid, called "self-governing homelands" under direct control of the South African government.

Fact and Truth..The Republic of South Africa 1961....

South Africa became a Republic, but on condition it remained part of the Great Britain Commonwealth of Nations.

(covered elsewhere in my posts.)

Fact and Truth..
The Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA): 1991

CODESA was a process that was influenced
by a number of stake-holders like Britain,
USA, Japan, West Germany and giant local factory and mine owners; the banks, the Nationalist Party, the ANC and other lesser forces.

The purpose of the process was to ensure
that in the long and short term, the interests
of capitalism and imperialism in Southern
Africa are safeguarded through stability.

It was a by-product of ANC officials who
had political ambitions to occupy government posts, including the presidency, those who would be duly rewarded for their co-operation with the capitalists and imperialists.

South Africa became a Democratic Republic
with a government of National Unity, under the majority rule of the African National Congress (ANC); but it also remained part of Great Britain's managed Commonwealth of Nations.

Now with the EFF misguided:
"land expropriation without compensation";

The youth are now on the rampage... invading each and every piece of land they can see, even land that is owned by other black people...

Government? You should rather be informing young black people that they should rid themselves of the view that all white people walking around South Africa today own land.
Furthermore; You yourselves as government, know this to be true..that...

Those white people who do own land today, they bought it and you, as government, you issued the "legal tender" documents called "TITLE DEEDS". Issued by the New
SA Government".

To my mind and growing up experience,
I have never come accross someone called van Riebeeck who still own land today in South Africa, since 1902..

Historical processes did take place... up to the point were you took control of the country, it's land and it's people.

You did this after adopting a 'constitution' that made this country a 'sovereign independent state'. There is nowhere in that "constitution" that states that "this land is stolen property".

If it was so? Then, you as government, could've taken that "stolen land" back from them long time ago. You controlled the police, the army the navy and the airforce.

You had a full quarter century to do so without prejudice ~ BUT if "the whites" produce and show you a "TITLE DEED" that was issued by your government.

Then frankly you don't have "a leg to stand on" in any Court of this Country and even the International Criminal Court (ICC). Unless, you can counter-produce another "TITLE DEED" that says: “"This Is Government Land.”"..

Blacks can hate me if they want to... 😣

Haibo! This is "nonsense" nje! We are gonna
be "a laughing stock" of the everybody in the international arena.

Lawrence Ntlokoa

Monday, April 30, 2018

Marrying The Ghost of White Privilege

Marrying The Ghost of White Privilege
Well, at least Musi Maimane has his Black Privilege intact. He is married to a White woman, is president of a "predominantly White" political party, resides in a White suburb and speaks English (a White man's property).

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Yet 'we must fight and destroy this evil, evasive Ghost of White Privilege because it is the primary cause of Poverty, Unemployment, Crime, Looting and the general Despair that has infected all South Africans since 1994'.
'It is also due to White Privilege that millions of Africans leave their "Independent" countries, where they are killed and kept poor but their own Black government'. Despite these countries no longer having White people around, since the darker days of their (country’s) Independence. As we saw in Zimbabwe.
O! The Marvellous Beauty of Black Rule in Africa! Blacks get power and become more Oppressive than the Whites they relentlessly brand as Racists, Colonialists Oppressors.
It is always those who speak the most fluent English who hate Whites, Coloureds and Indians the most. Yet their entire beings are measured, designed and sustained by "Whiteness" and "White" money.
Maybe Musi should chase his own wife back to Europe, as well as renounce his DA presidency because he was and is still supported by White people. His entire salary is paid for by Whites.
He must also stop wearing shiny suits designed in Europe by Whites, relinquish his degrees (since they were handed to him by Whites), and start wearing animal skin - The Black Thing To Do In Africa!
Finally, he must also get the Land and plough the fields in Soweto with his degrees. Since that's the dream job for most educated Blacks - owning farmland.
If Blacks have been in power for 24 years and yet, White Privilege is the main impediment to their progress, then - What have we been doing all these years in Power?
Oh yeah! NOTHING! Besides Looting and Impoverishing Blacks.
Shut your big mouth and lead our Country forward - you weak, fragile loudmouth pretending to be strong. We see through you!
You are just another weak Black manchild with deep identity issues like your heroe Barack Obama or your homeboy Trevor Noah.
While maintaining yourself as yet another Race Pimp, pimping racism and race identity politics to sound "real" to your already useless, clueless, shallow and dismally delusional "Black Caucus".
Hence one day you are pro what is Good (when Black Twitter is not slaughtering you) and at times you prove to be just as bad (if not flacid) as UGLI-JAM (USED GREASY LOLLIPOP HEAD-JULIUS MALEMA) and his blesser, Syrupy Cyril.
You have proven to be utterly useless at bringing our Nation together (which was your most formidable obligation, over and above your ambitions to be another Obama. Hence no one really knows you, or where you really stand. Unless you are echoing someone elses opinion, whom you persobally regard as more powerful or will maximise your base. But a base that is based on a baseless leader is bound to be a permanently baseless base!).
I just wish strong Black leaders like Herman Mashaba could rise and usurp you. You are just another Dingane, pretending to be a Shaka!
© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
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Saturday, April 28, 2018



Dumisa Mbuwa asks the question and ellaborate.
It is no longer a myth that the progress of South Africa`s youth was never at the forefront of our democracy in 1994. Nor was our youth, genuinely regarded as an instrumental part of the struggle against apartheid.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

This reality is becoming evident by the day, despite the several reactional advances by the ANC government to make up for missed opportunities to qualitatively develop the youth of South Africa with the same historical vigour we used when conquering Apartheid.
Thus, as we celebrate Freedom Day, we ought to ask ourselves: has this grand democracy, which was greatly suffered and unimaginably sacrificed for, served our nation's best interests? Or has it merely elevated only those who rightly brought about its realisation by putting them in the government at our expense?
For some time now, there has been a sustained debate around the issue of land expropriation without compensation; how its delay in implementation (full nationalisation) has been regarded as the core impediment for real growth and development our country has needed for 24 years.
This view has been hammered into our minds everyday by embattled politicians that we end up being convinced that it is shared by all South Africans; especially black.
This is despite the fact that it has been proven several times that it is only a very marginal fraction of South Africans who believe that more land reform will indeed bring about the prosperity the country needs.
Comprehensive opinion polls commissioned by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) have repeatedly shown that most black South Africans have little interest in land reform. Their 2016 field survey indicated that only 1% of black respondents (down from 2% the previous year) indicated 'more land reform' as the 'best way to improve lives'.
By contrast, an overwhelming 73% of black people saw 'more jobs and better education' as the 'best way' for them to get ahead.
Conversely, the IRR`s 2017 field survey showed that only 1% of black respondents identified 'speeding up land reform' as a top priority for the government. Even among people who lost land under apartheid laws, and were later compensated, most opted for cash compensation than having actual land restored to them.
Of the roughly 76 000 successful claims in post-apartheid South Africa’s land restitution process which begun in 1994, only about 5 800 chose to have land returned to them. The remaining 92% preferred cash compensation.
Similar results were found from a September 2017 opinion survey by eNCA, carried out among some 5 000 people, including roughly 2 700 self-declared ANC voters. Even here, most South Africans wanted "more pro-business policies", over "more radical policies/redistribution".
This is against the backdrop of the Government`s Land Survey, which has been used both by the ANC and the EFF to advance the misleading notion that SA blacks own less than 2% of rural land; and less than 7% of urban land. While whites own over 72% of farm land.
These claims form the basis of the impending onslaught of property rights, that are currently protected by our country`s Constitution. The same property rights black people were deprived from having by the apartheid government.
It is for this reason, that in response, the IRR published a study early this year, where they have shown and proven that Black South Africans actually own more land than Whites and that the government is the biggest owner of land in the country (46%).
For example, of the 3.2m ha of the urban land owned by 6.2 million individual South Africans, 3.2 million (56%) is owned by Black South Africans. While 1.55 (26%) is White and the rest is divided between Coloured’s (507 829), Indians (414 069) and Others.
Even when you look at the individually owned farmland by whites (the focus of the ANC/EFF`s claims); you will find that a substantial majority of this white-owned land is located in arid or semi-arid areas of the country. 43,1% is located in the Northern Cape alone, 11,3% in the Eastern Cape (most of it in the drier western parts of the province), 10,14% of it in the Western Cape, and 14,1% in the Free State.
The huge overlays that exist between such land and the arid or semi-arid areas in the western part of the country make this land unsuitable for cultivation in the absence of irrigation.
This is in addition to 13,1 million hectares (6,6% of the extent of SA) of agricultural land has been acquired and transferred by the government since 1994 through its land redistribution programme.
Little of this land would be individually owned today as most land claims and redistribution projects had multiple beneficiaries, and furthermore, since 2009, the government has held back from granting title to the beneficiaries of the land redistribution programme. In addition, government has made no effort to ensure those living on their ancestral land in former homeland areas acquire individual title to their land.
Now that we have established how faulty the Land debate is, especially since it is deeply predicated on lies and abysmal political propagandas, instead of viable solutions for taking our country forward, what can help take us forward?
Qualitative education and jobs!
You don`t have to be a social scientist to arrive at the realisation that South Africans need more of these than land. This observation is crystallised by the fact that between 2011 - 2016, over a million South Africans (mostly young) have migrated from "worse-off" provinces such as the Eastern Cape, to "better performing provinces" such as Cape Town and Johannesburg; looking qualitative education and jobs (not land).
Credit must be given to those young people, who in response to poverty and massive unemployment start initiatives that are primarily aimed at tackling these stubborn problems. Particularly aspiring entrepreneurs, who find and establish opportunities where they have been considered to have long expired.
Yet, these individuals are but a very small drop in the ocean of insecurity that affects close to 60% of unemployed young South Africans, almost like unemployed university graduates, who make up 170 000 of the 3.5 million unemployed youth.
What our country needs is comprehensive investment into rigorous and real-income job generating sectors such as manufacturing; where our young people can be able to create what the world consumes. Just as with China, where they make the dashiki`s, doeks, cellphones, tablets, stoves, microwaves and even electric bulbs; that we in turn spend billions of rands in consuming, instead of creating.
While there is a great deal of importance placed on higher university education, (particularly for black students) by the ANC government via "free" university education, internships for graduates. It must always be borne in mind that these endeavours are very meager in comparison to grade 4's who cannot read to understand, many learners still progress into higher grades because teachers are unable to cater to the individual needs of learners due to the size of their classrooms.
These learners eventually dropout mid-high school or fail grade 12.
Of what value is it to spend billions in squeezing learners into universities, when only 20% of them complete their undergraduate programs on time and the rest struggle mainly because of the higher reading levels required at university and the lack of funds to obtain the support and resources to succeed?
Is it not obvious then that we are putting too much emphasis on what uplifts only a few (university education), when the millions of young South Africans could be better off at (currently under-funded) TVET colleges; where they can be trained and placed into employment programs as technicians, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, manufacturers, and many other skills that are needed to rebuild our economy. Government jobs cannot be the fallback, which is currently where most South Africans work.
The simple truth is that not all young people can be doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, inventors, scientists, filmmakers or even record producers.
To deny them focus on other avenues which could amplify their talents and serve our country with their output, is to deny the very thing that needs their hands to be sustained - Freedom!
Let us Rise!
Our Future is no longer in the colours of our respective flags and races.
It is on a common need to build a socio-economically free South Africa, where all can live in complete harmony and relish every fruit of her prosperity.
© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Ramaphosa and the EFF's dodgy land stats

Ramaphosa and the EFF's dodgy land stats.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018




Image may contain: one or more people, sky, house, outdoor and natureThere is an illusion that is embedded in the minds of many [black] South Africans who do not know any better. That, without the ANC, we would still be stuck with the unshakeable, rusty chains of Bantu Education.

Bantu Education, which, as we know, was designed to give blacks an education that was of inferior quality to that of their white counterparts.

Yet, as evil and racist this Bantu Education [together with Missionary schooling] was; it managed to yield a very successful black middle class that consisted of formidable doctors, lawyers, judges, business owners, academics, writers, musicians, teachers, nurses, and clerks.

This success was so apparent that in the 1980’s [The proportion of black students progressing at universities was higher in the 1980s than it was in 2017]; we had the highest number of black university graduates who not only managed to get jobs after graduating.

They also managed to secure prestigious scholarships in Western [overseas] universities to advance not only their education, but also their careers.

[Today, black university students are barely finishing university; mostly due to difficulties with comprehending university material, English, finances and general socio-economic disparities which impair many on campuses].

It was this era of [Pre-94] education that produced the likes of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko, Patrice Mostepe, Cyril Ramaphosa and Thabo Mbeki.

Then the miracle of 1994 finally arrives. The ANC enters government and institutes education policies that not only pretended to advance black people. But indeed crippled them every step of the way, with the sole intent of producing a sterile populace that is totally incapable of doing anything other than to consume social welfare, debt, and government failure.

With a youth unemployment rate that is gradually reaching 60%, one would expect that the road to Bulawayo was not as easy and delightfully pursued [by the ANC through its ill-fated policies].

A 2017 study revealed that over 70% of Grade 4
learners cannot read. In 10 years, they will be eligible voters whose sole understanding of good governance will be measured by being broke, illiterate and unemployed.

Especially when about 70% of South African youth [20 million people] are more likely to be victims and perpetrators of assault, robbery and property theft than adults [35 years and above].

With no plan or budget; criminal mastermind – President Jacob Zuma – announced that university education shall be free for poor and working class students. Other than the announcement being absolutely unfeasible, since we are so broke, thanks to him and his Gupta Colonial masters.

There are no jobs in South Africa, even for graduates.

With over 3.5 million unemployed youth, only 170 000 of them are graduates. At this rate, we are hastily entering the stage where a South African university degree, just like the Zimbabwean Dollar, will be a worthless piece of paper, glittered with vain and pompous proclamations.

It will not even be able to buy you a single grain of dirty white rice. Much less get you a job as a janitor at a local city library; because you will be competing with PHD graduates waiting in line for the same job.

Almost like the recently released fantasy by Basic Minister of Education, Angie Motsheka, that the 2017 Matric pass rate is 75.1%. When in fact it is a mere 37%.

In 2015, over 40% of Grade 10 learners either failed or were derailed as South African trains tend to do nowadays. While over 47% of [enrolled] Matriculants dropped out before writing their 2017 final exams. Thus, the number produced by the Department is erroneously not reflective of this depressing reality.

Regardless of what discredited race-gluttons [whose primary purpose in life is to chase the very evasive ghosts of White Privilege, Decolonisation, Land-grabbing and White Monopoly Capital] say. The ANC, via its unfailing black majority vote, not only fatefully failed [mostly poor, uneducated and illiterate] black people.

It also failed to use education as a tool to create a [black] educated class that is effectively able to create product, [national] wealth and jobs. Instead of being educated butlers with good English.

The so-called black business class we have today is mostly made-up of parochial, shortsighted, floral shirts and shiny suit-wearing, street-hustle contractors who get huge tenders from the ANC government just to distribute free sanitary towels to rural schools.

Or to build futile RDP houses that have to be rebuilt twice before being open for owners to live in them.

If not, then through political connections and narrow BEE privileges, they sit as executive shareholders on boards for white-owned companies. Just like Cyril Ramaphosa did with his Shanduka Group and their stake in the [now declining] platinum mining giant, Lonmin.

Perhaps, only after we have successfully destroyed all that is left to sustain South Africa, like Mugabe did with his suicidal socialist [and racist] policies. Will we realise that in order to rebuild a truly prosperous South Africa, we will need to reverse everything the ANC has done, particularly with education.

We will also need to begin by yielding a focus on producing more artisans, mechanics, technicians, plumbers, manufacturers and engineers. These skills do not require expensive university education, but [currently underfunded] Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

With an additional socio-economic focus that is anchored on investment in manufacturing, and free-market based capitalism.

This is how countries like Germany, Japan, Singapore and even China continue to make everything the world [including South Africa] consumes. From cars, home appliances, clothing, computers, smart phones and even African dashikis!

Not everyone has as a glorified Life Orientation [Sociology or Social Justice] degree in China or South Korea. They can show you how to make a shoe or produce a brand new car battery.

This is the direction South Africa desperately needs.

Yet, as long as we are led by the ANC, we will never see prosperity. What else can we expect from a useless, failing ANC-driven Post-1994 South African Education?

© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Black Advancement - A couple of points to consider

'Black Advancement Hinges on White Handouts?’
Mr. Zamani Xaba, this opinion piece is a reply to your statement that white 'racist attitudes' towards blacks are what have largely resulted in a floundering black African society that has lost its way.
You seem to be implying that people who are reluctant to give up their land, jobs or property are racist? This is unreasonable. Please don't fall into that trap. Just because they are trying to preserve their standard of living & property, does not make them racist, even if you feel they 'had it easy' under apartheid.

What is very misguided is our people believing that 'taking' what the minorities have will correct the imbalances long term.
A couple of points to consider:
1) The whites and other minorities are taking their assets overseas at an unprecedented rate, along with their support structure of investors...time is pretty much gone to 'take' their majority assets, and even then there is not enough to sustain our people.
2) Why do we want their assets anyway - it is only a temporary thing. Our clear objective should be for acquiring knowledge & education - something we can build into our society, and perpetuate. This will truly help us sustain and grow long term. Remember, there is no colour to knowledge, so why do we seem reluctant to acquire it unless we are somehow prejudice?
3) Why are we not putting more focus on increasing levels of education for mission critical career sectors? We need a revamped educational program that creates a well balanced society of not only academics, but engineers, scientists, data entry clerks, artisans, technicians, construction workers etc This will contribute directly to our knowledge base, and build our qualifications as a workforce with breadth & depth, and a technology leader. Where is the construction of our own robust institutions - we are doing some of this, but the vacuum the ANC has created in institutional-support for Our People is horrifyingly absent. Of course the ANC are an institution themselves, serving ONLY themselves at the expense of the millions of disadvantaged people. And they do this without losing any sleep, while expectant mothers die daily in disgusting hospitals, and the quality of our care for the aged is bordering on a crime on humanity. And you are worried about white attitudes? How is this going to help our hospitals?
Where is the plan for the re-emergence of South Africa as a center of inspired innovation? The ANC would rather focus on creating racial issues than tackling real challenges like this.
Taking land, or taking jobs, or taking taxes from a diminishing minority is short-sighted, and destined for failure.
It's funny when you look at the excessive wealth of the black elite, and how we DO NOT focus on taking their fair share of the taxes to help rebuild our country. We let them get away with hoarding millions of rands of ill-gotten wealth.
Also VERY SAD is how the black elite revel at deepening the class divide. They PLAN to keep the impoverished uneducated, and in debt, and prolong their pain so that they can keep capitalizing on it, all whilst they divert the resentment towards minorities & foreign entities.
Can the minorities help us more than they currently are? Of course. But many of them are simply trying to figure out how to get out of this country, or at least how to get their children out. They essentially are focusing on survival for themselves, and creating an exit plan for their next generations. The People who want to stay (like farmers) - we turn a blind eye to the farm murders, hoping the problem just goes away. The unfettered crime rates that are skyrocketing, that the ANC just 'shrugs off'. What label would you place on these complacent attitudes?
We seem obsessed with 'them' and 'others', while ignoring the building blocks necessary to ensure our productive futures are guaranteed, and not spent in refugee camps.
Is leveraging wealth from these fleeing minorities key to our long term advancement as a majority country? Of course not!
The fifty million (and growing) Africans in South Africa must dig out of this hole ourselves, in our own way, if we are to be a successful, self-sustaining and a healthy nation long into the future.
Let's insist that our leaders show us a specific plan on how this will be accomplished. If our leaders can't articulate this, we must find leaders who can.
Menzi Solomon Shange
[Join Mr. Shange at the FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre, 6 - 9 September 2018. Mr. Shange is an Afrocentric blogger, artist, activist, and business owner. He currently lives in Gauteng, and known as a fiercely outspoken advocate for the disadvantaged & marginalized citizens of Mzansi]