Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Positive elements of FinMin Fiasco

South Africa was stunned by Zuma's recent Minister of Finance fiasco and the public outcry was way beyond what we have ever seen when this president makes an idiotic move.

The president can take our food away
Our country did suffer financially but there are some serious good spin-offs from this. Here are some that I see ...

Normal citizens have suddenly become aware of the fact that one man can have a profound influence on the value of our currency.

Normal citizens have suddenly realised that a weak rand does have severe consequences for their own pockets.

Normal citizens at large debated the issue without drawing irrelevant issues into it.

Then there were the fact the uninformed racist keyboard warriors got called out ... black and white. Many of them got their asses whipped severely ... again, white and black.

It was noticeable that large numbers of ANC supporters were upset by Zuma and wants him gone.

Quite a number of ANC Loyalist lost a lot of credibility when Pravin was appointed and the Rand recovered. Their supportive arguments for Zuma evaporated.

So in my opinion it was not all in vain ... Zuma did the country a favour with this reckless move and we need to capitalize on it. He exposed the normal citizens to real power a president has. This power are now being questioned by many that previously never thought about it.

That is my story today.

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